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Young Miss Holmes, Casebook 1-2 - Kaoru Shintani Besides the overly fan service-y parts, I liked the characters and their stories, the twists are cute.... It's not for me when I'm in a purist mode, but otherwise, I do quite enjoy this!!! The focus wasn't always on Christie, which I worried about the most; some interesting insights were posed into the original Sherlock characters!! Bringing Grace Dunbar back as the governess was clever and cool, and Christie as a character depicted in her relationship with Sherlock is def interesting... Another of my favorite parts are when Holmes and Watson are talking together, which the author had the decency to do, haha!!! And that I enjoy as well!! The characters seem very canon to me, and I love that!! It's more than just Christie here; it's an interesting romp for any Sherlockian and manga lover looking for something new!! :)