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The Execution of Sherlock Holmes: And Other New Adventures of the Great Detective
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The Enneagram Made Easy: Discover the 9 Types of People
Renee Baron, Elizabeth Wagele
Jane Eyre
Charlotte Brontë, Stevie Davies
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory
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Gone, Baby, Gone
Dennis Lehane
Trouble with Poetry
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The Funny Thing Is...
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The Last Sherlock Holmes Story
Michael Dibdin, Robert Glenister
The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Dan B. Allender, Larry Crabb

Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama - Steven Weissman entertained but also kinda confused...........
Fixed Point: The Life and Death of Sherlock Holmes, A Dramatic Presentation - David Stuart Davies Very cute and sweet!!! :) Having already read and listened to the audiobook of "The Last Act", I couldn't help by think this was a precursor to that story.... But if I had the choice, I prolly would have started with this one -- as they share a lot, and "The Last Act" is like a more in-depth version of this one!! Other wise, I would really love to read the script of this one day......
Young Miss Holmes, Casebook 1-2 - Kaoru Shintani Besides the overly fan service-y parts, I liked the characters and their stories, the twists are cute.... It's not for me when I'm in a purist mode, but otherwise, I do quite enjoy this!!! The focus wasn't always on Christie, which I worried about the most; some interesting insights were posed into the original Sherlock characters!! Bringing Grace Dunbar back as the governess was clever and cool, and Christie as a character depicted in her relationship with Sherlock is def interesting... Another of my favorite parts are when Holmes and Watson are talking together, which the author had the decency to do, haha!!! And that I enjoy as well!! The characters seem very canon to me, and I love that!! It's more than just Christie here; it's an interesting romp for any Sherlockian and manga lover looking for something new!! :)
Billy Bat nº 01 (Manga) - Takashi Nagasaki;Naoki Urasawa I have to say really intrigued by this!!!!!!! Mr Urasawa always Does that to me though! Can't wait to read the rest!!
Do What You Are : Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type - Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron-Tieger I saved multiple pages about INTP and INTJ as well as INFJ and INFP as they will definitely come in handy and are so thoroughly written and useful!! Great book for insight and powerful suggestions!!
Sh*t Girls Say - Kyle Humphrey, Graydon Sheppard Hahaha!!! this guy really did his research!!!!
The Silly Side Of Sherlock Holmes - Philip Ardagh HAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!! I laughed through this whole book!!!!! Totally happy I bought this!!!!!!!!
Annie John - Jamaica Kincaid For realism this was really good! It read like a kind of autobiography, and it had an autobiographical charm. It described all the ins and outs of reality and contradictions and it was just very human. Not lively, exaggerated, or cartoon-y material! Very subdued, like real life.
Cracking the SAT, 2013 Edition - Princeton Review, Princeton Review Excellent, excellent resource!!! :D A reminder to me to stick by the Princeton Review, because they know what they're talking about... and they talk about it so well!!! :) :) :)
Kissing Sherlock Holmes - T.D. McKinney, Terry Wylis Why do I keep doing this to myself...?!?! LOL From now on I'm reading the blurb on everything before I start reading!!!

But I actually really liked the writing style for as far as I got :')!
The Trial of Sherlock Holmes - John Reppion, Leah Moore, Aaron Campbell Well, I was kind of expecting Sherlock to not play as big a part in proving his innocence and getting out of jail! I think I was looking for something a little less of Sherlock using the people around him from jail to help him succeed in getting himself out and a little more of everyone around Sherlock working together to garner him a not guilty verdict with their own detective work! It was the dynamic of Sherlock being reliant on everyone else rather than vice versa that was so alluring when I first grabbed this comic, but that wasn't what happened, sadly. :( And the coloring job had kind of a rough and rocky texture... my expectations for this comic were too high!! However... I did like Mycroft's role in this a lot!!!

Sherlock Holmes: The Death and Life

Sherlock Holmes: The Death and Life - David Stuart Davies, Roger Llewellyn ???!!!! .........
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 1 - Kevin O'Neill, Alan Moore No matter how many clever Victorian allusions, witty visual puns, complex internal and external parallels, and otherwise ingenious plot structures you may have, it will never compensate for the lack of substance in and depravity of your plot. :(
Holmes and Watson - June Thomson This book was so insightful!!! The writing style is really personable and non-condescending, and the line of logic is very well articulated!! But, it made me a little sad...

おやすみプンプン 1 (ヤングサンデーコミックス)

おやすみプンプン 1 - Inio Asano, 浅野 いにお I mean... it was funny, but... it also got a little weird! I guess bottom line is, anything rated with mature content isn't really my style, and this wasn't an exception! But besides those occasional moments when I felt uncomfortable, it was interesting!
So, I gave it a two -- I was entertained, but... I don't want the recommendation engine to use it, haha!
City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES